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    13 Oct 2015
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    05 Aug 2021
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Captcha Manager is the extension that allows enable or disable Google reCaptcha and basic captcha on OpenCart store pages. So you can protect your site from spam and abuse or just disable basic (default) captcha.


  • Easy installation (OCMOD/VQMOD)
  • Easy setup (System->Settings->Option Tab->Captcha)
  • Does not overwrite any master files
  • Enable/Disable Google reCaptcha
  • Enable/Disable Basic Captcha
  • Support product reviews, contact, return, customer login/register, checkout login/gest/register and admin login


  • Remove basic captcha
  • –°ompatible with Journal theme
  • Fix bug with alert mail after adding a new product review in OpenCart


Step 1 (VQMOD with OpenCart 1.5.4-

    -- You must have installed VQMOD to use this type of installation --

    Upload "vqmod" folder from "" archive with the extension to your

    OpenCart server's main (root) directory by FTP client or filemanager.

Step 1 (Extension Installer with OpenCart only!)

    -- You must have set your FTP credentials to use this type of installation on OpenCart --

    1.1 Go to store administration menu "Extensions > Installer"

    and upload "" archive with the extension

    1.2 Go to "Extensions / Modifications" menu and click on the Refresh button (top right of the page)

Step 2

    2.1 Go to "System > Settings > Option Tab -> Captcha" in the admin menu

    2.2 Change "Captcha" option (select captcha type Basic Captcha or Google reCAPTCHA)

    2.3 Choose pages where you want to use captcha (Captcha Page option)

    2.4 (optional) If you choose "Google reCAPTCHA" type you will need to get reCAPTCHA keys for your site

        2.4.1 Go to and register your site

        2.4.2 Copy and paste received Site key and Secret key to the appropriate fields of settings

    2.5 Save settings (button at top right of the page)

That's it!

Opencart Version
Opencart 1.0, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,
Opencart 2.0,,

- Fixed the bug with Google Re-Captcha on customer login page

- Added captcha for customer forgotten password page
- Added captcha for admin forgotten password page
- Fixed the bug with Google Re-Captcha on checkout page

- Added compatibility with OpenCart 1.5
- Added support product return form, login customer form, customer registration form, login checkout form, register checkout form, guest checkout form and admin login form

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