You need to go to administrator menu "Extensions -> Modifications"  and remove an old modification record (file). More info >

Please go to administrator menu "System > Settings > Default Store > Edit > FTP tab" and check your FTP credentials. Most likely you entered the wrong FTP Host. More info >

You need to check the FTP Root option in your FTP credentials (go to administrator menu "System > Settings > Default Store > Edit > FTP tab") . If this option is incorrect the extension was installed to the wrong directory. More info >

To fix this error, you need to re-install the module in the module list (Example Pic 1.) for this, navigate  to Extensions > Modules, then find the module and click red Uninstall button opposite it in the action column. Then, when the button turns green, click it again to reinstall the module.  If the error does not clear, you can create the table manually using the SQL code located in the sql-file from unzipped installation zip-file.

    To fix this error, you need to re-upload the extension files. For this, navigate to Extensions > Extension Installer, then click blue Upload button and select the instalaltion zip-file of the extension for your OpenCart version, you can download it in the download section of opencart.com or vanstudio.co.ua. Please note that in order to upload a zip-file by the extension installer in the OpenCart version and earlier you need to specify and enable FTP credentials in the store settings.

    You can also use the file manager of your hosting panel, FTP Client or OpenCart Marketplace (only for OpenCart version and above) as an alternative way to upload the extension files.

This message means that the version of the vQmod modification file (Example Pic 1.) is different from the version of other extension files uploaded to the server (Example Pic 2.).

You need to update (overwrite) the modification xml-file located in the "vqmod/xml" directory with a similar file from the unzipped installation zip-file of the corresponding extension version.


You may get this error message if the OCMOD and vQmod extension modifications are active on the site at the same time, it means that the changes of the extension are made to the core system files twice, as a result such code duplication can lead to incorrect operation of the extension or even critical errors of the site.


Please do one of the following

- rename by adding an underscore to the file extension (for example - extension-name.vqmod.xml_) or remove the extension vQmod modification file which is located in the "vqmod/xml" directory on the server (see picture 1 below);

- disable or remove the extension OCMOD modification record contained in the modification list of the admin panel (see picture 2.1 below), then click the refresh button at the upper right corner (see picture 2.2 belowto refresh the modification cashe and apply the changes.

To update the OCMOD modification in OpenCart version and above, you need to delete the existing install record from the install history and to re-upload the installation zip-file of extension by the Extension Installer in the admin panel.

For OpenCart version and below, you must first remove the modification record from the modification list, then re-upload the installation zip-file (FTP store settings are required) or just the OCMOD modification xml-file from unzipped installation zip-file (FTP store settings are not required) by the Extension Installer in the admin panel.

You may get this error when none of the order tracking statuses selected in the extension settings match the statuses selected in the store settings for the options: order status, processing order status, complete order status (System > Settings > Store > Option Tab > Checkout Section)  see Pic 1.


You may get this message if the extension files have been updated to a newer version but the vQmod modification file (.xml located in vqmod/xml directory) has not been updated.

A red "warning" message means that the changes from the vQmod modification file have not been applied to the core system files and as a result, some of the extension features may not work partially or completely.

A yellow "pay attention" message means that the changes from the vQmod modification file have already been successfully applied to the core system files.


You need to replace (overwrite) the .vqmod.xml file located in the vqmod/xml directory of your server with the file of the same name located in the vqmod/xml folder of the installation zip-file. Note it is necessary that the version of the zip-file matches the version of the files already uploaded to the server. In case you don't know which version of the extension is currently installed, download the latest version of the extension and reupload all extension files, including the vQmod modification file.

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