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    01 Aug 2015
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    06 Jul 2016
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Store Reviews Pro powerful and easy to use and manage opencart component:

- Easy installation (ocmod/vqmod);

- Does not overwrite any master files;

- Multistore & Multilingual;

- Fully SEO Optimized.

Front End:

- Multi language supported (ability to set translation for your language in back-end).

- Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / reviews on an individual page with seo setting, title and description.

- Customers and guests can submit a feedback.

- If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display (Auto Approve Disabled).

- Secured form by Captcha. (Re-Captcha Enabled).

- Horizontal, vertical or slid testimonials presentation can be placed in any module position.

- Rating as asterisks (Rating Enable).

- Date Added (Date Added Enable).

- All testimonials page without pagination (Default items per page is set) and seo url.

- Reviews form static or ajax popup.

- Marking reviews registered customers.

- Multistore & Multilingual

- Ability to add images to reviews.

- Microdata home page & testimonials pages.

- Аbility to add microdata company info and the average rating review at any layout as separate module.

- Eight templates page all reviews.

- Admin reply for each review.

- English and Russian language included by default and many more abilities go demo.

Back End:

- Ability to add/edit(edit date added too)/delete the testimonials.

- Ability to enable/disabled add new reviews, auto approve reviews, rating auto approve reviews, new review alert mail, date added, rating, captcha, marking registered customers, rating required.

- Ability to set when and who can write reviews(all, after login, after purchase, disable), default items per page, date added format, color rating stars and border rating stars, template list testimonials, seo url, rating stars template, translation for your language

- Ability to set seo setting (meta tags title, description and keywords), title and description in all testimonials page.

- Module setting layout type (vertical, horizontal, slideshow), order type (last, random, selected reviews last, selected reviews random), choose to display reviews (autocomplete), limit display reviews, text limit display reviews, slideshow settings (number reviews on slide, slideshow speed, enable/disabled navigation and pagination), enable/disabled module status and show all button.

- Ability to customize the extension for each store individually.

- The opportunity to reply to reviews.

- Layout editor for page reviews and many more abilities go demo.

Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,

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