Installing VQMOD on OpenCart

Installing VQMOD on OpenCart

    Follow the steps below in order to install VQMOD on your OpenCart store:

    1. Download the latest version that has "opencart" in the title from the releases page.

    2. Uncompress the zip archive and using FTP client, upload the "vqmod" folder to the root of your opencart store (site's root directory). In order to install VQMOD you must have FTP access to your site files on a server.

    3. Be sure the "vqmod" folder and the "vqmod/vqcache" folders are writable (either 755 or 777). Also be sure index.php and admin/index.php are writable. If not sure which you need, first try 755. If you get errors about permissions, then try 777. Change permissions for index.php and admin/index.php value to its original position after installing VQMOD for security reasons.

    Attention: 777 permissions are dangerous and should only be used as a last resort. If your hosting requires this, consult your hosting to let them know this shouldn't be necessary.

    4. Open your site in browser and change URL to The following text will appear on the page if it was installed correctly: "VQMOD HAS BEEN INSTALLED ON YOUR SYSTEM!".

    5. Load your home page to see if it appears and works correctly after the install. You would also need to check your "vqmod/vqcache folder to see if there are new vq files.

    That's all, you can start downloading or creating VQMOD extensions to your OpenCart store.

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