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    02 Sep 2016
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    09 Jan 2020
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Language Editor is a powerful extension for creating and editing openсart languages.

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation and use (ocmod/vqmod)
  • Editing any text in openсart store
  • Adding new languages (is meant copying and modifying existing languages)
  • Built-in translator based on Google and Microsoft Translator API
  • Automatic translation the files (translation bulk)
  • Advanced filter to search and change the necessary words
  • Function undo previous actions

By using this extension, you can:

Сreate any new language using a copy of an existing language

Find and change any title, label or word on the site

Make your store unique

Replace standard labels to match your specification

Сorrect translation mistakes

Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,,,,,

- Fixed issus with "%s" on Google Translate API
- Added the ability to add custom variables to language files

- Fixed error with Auto Translator in Opencart

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