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    10 May 2015
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    09 Oct 2016
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Product Reviews Full it is an extension for opencart allow customized a reviews of product under your requirements and display the reviews on other pages of your site, so you can at the same time promote your chosen product and increase the level of trust to your products and store.

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation (ocmod/vqmod)
  • Does not overwrite any master files
  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • Wide range of features
  • Display chosen reviews anywhere in the site using modules
  • Rich Snippets for product page, breadcrumbs on the product, category and information pages
  • Auto scroll to reviews tab

Product Page Front End:

  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • 3 templates to show reviews list
  • Pop-up or static form to write a review
  • Icon of a registered user review
  • Rating stars
  • Аuto scroll to reviews tab
  • Rich Snippets for product, reviews and ratings

Module Front End:

  • Display reviews anywhere on your site
  • Horizontal, vertical or slideshow layout
  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • Module title
  • Rating, date added and review text
  • Image, name and link to the product
  • Icon of a registered user reviews

Product Page Back End:

  • Allow add reviews (all, after login, after purchase, disable)
  • Auto Approve Reviews (disable, if rating 1, if rating 2, if rating 3, if rating 4, if rating 5, all)
  • Email notification (enable/disabled)
  • Pop-up form to write a review (enable/disabled)
  • Google reCAPTCHA (enable/disabled)
  • Date Added (show/hide)
  • Add date format
  • Icons of the registered user reviews (show/hide)
  • Color icons of the registered user reviews
  • Default Items Per Page
  • Rating field and required (enable/disabled)
  • Rating stars view(16 options)
  • Rating stars and border stars color
  • Language Settings (ability to change translation for each language, English translation included)
  • Reviews list with the ability to edit review date added

Module Back End:

  • Horizontal, vertical and slideshow layout
  • Selection of reviews or products to display
  • Display order (all reviews (last or random sort), best rating (random sort), selected products (last or random sort), selected reviews (last or random sort))
  • Number of reviews to display
  • Review Text Limit
  • Content Align (left, center, right)
  • Product image (enable/disabled)
  • Product image Size
  • Multistore & Multilingual (enable/disabled)
  • Number of reviews On Slide
  • Slideshow navigation and pagination (enable/disabled)
  • Slideshow Speed (very slow, slower, slow, medium, fast, faster, very fast)
  • Module Title

Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,,,,
Varsion 1.2.1 (10.10.16)
- Compatibility with opencart

Varsion 1.2 (14.06.16)
- Full support multistore and multilingual
- Fixed problems with reCAPTCHA and sending mail through SMTP protocol on different opencart versions 
Varsion 1.1 (07.04.16)
- Compatibility with opencart
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