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    23 Dec 2015
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    03 Feb 2021
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Seo Keyword is a OpenCart module for adding and editing seo-friendly urls static pages of your online store.

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation (ocmod/vqmod);
  • Do not overwrite any master files;
  • Remove route=common/home;
  • Seo-friendly urls editor.

Attention! for correctly work this extension, on your site must work standard seo urls, for example information pages or product pages, seo urls for them are set through the admin panel in the pages of the editing material.

Extension works on multilingual sites, but set different seo urls for different languages virsion of page does not allow, look demo site.

Seo Keyword Front End:
  • Replaces the standard open—Āart urls to short seo friendly urls (for example to;
  • Replaces home page url from to
Seo Keyword Back End:
  • Editing existing seo friendly urls;
  • Adding new seo friendly urls.
  • Module is not designed to create seo urls for categories, products and information pages, for this there is a standard field in the edit page of the material;
  • Module does not redirect links from the old to the new;
  • Module does not replace the links manually added in the html code or through text editor in the admin panel.

Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,,,,,
Varsion 1.2.6 (23.01.17)
- Fixed problem with incorrect URL's

Varsion 1.2.5 (07.11.16)
- Added new module version for opencart 2.3.0.X

Varsion 1.2.4 (22.07.16)
- Fixed the issue with a page update after the removal product from the cart in Firefox, IE

Varsion 1.2.3 (15.04.16)
- Added support seo friendly urles in the list of index brands on the brands list page
- Added support seo friendly urles on search page

Varsion 1.2.2 (06.04.16)
- Fixed the issue with a page update after the removal product from the cart in opencart version and

Varsion 1.2.1 (25.03.16)
- Fixed a bug with the languages in opencart version

Varsion 1.1 (07.03.16)
- Compatibility with opencart
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