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    16 May 2015
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    18 Sep 2016
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Store Reviews Full is an extension for openсart allows your customers leave feedback about your company, online store or site, directly on your site. Testimonials increase the level of trust to your store and promote the transformation of leads into customers.

Attention! for this module will not be developed version is compatible with opencart version above

For all who have purchased the module to 9/18/16 will be given a personal account on this site with the ability to download an improved testimonials module with support opencart above

To gain access please send email of the buyer and order number to

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation and use (ocmod/vqmod)
  • Does not overwrite any master files
  • Wide range of features
  • Fully translated
  • Testimonials page and a form to add new reviews
  • Module to display the testimonials anywhere on your site
  • Easy upgrade from Lite version with preservation reviews

Testimonials Page Front End:
  • Testimonials list with ajax pagination
  • Form for adding new reviews
  • Text description before list of reviews
  • Meta tags (title, keywords, description)
Testimonials Page Back End:
  • Adding, editing and deleting list of reviews
  • Edit page title and description
  • Edit meta tags (title, keywords, description)
  • Edit text messages
  • Allow Reviews options - all, after login, after purchase, disable (group of users who can add new reviews)
  • Popup Review Form options - yes, no (display form for adding reviews in a popup window)
  • Auto Approve Reviews options - yes, no (Automatic activation of new reviews)
  • Auto Approve When Rating options - 1,2,3,4,5 (Review rating for the automatic activation)
  • Edit SEO Keyword (SEO-friendly url for the testimonials page. In store settings must be enabled option 'Use SEO URLs')
  • New Review Alert Mail options - yes, no (administrator email notifications when adding a new review with all the review parameters in the message body)
  • Template options - default, template 1, template 2 (Three different design options for the list of reviews)
  • Display Registered User options - yes, no (designation of reviews from registered users)
  • Edit User Icon Color (html color icon for reviews from registered users)
  • Display Date Added options - yes, no
  • Edit Date Added Format
  • Enable Captcha options - yes, no (Need set Site key and Secret key in Settings before using reCaptcha)
  • Edit Default Items Per Page (determines how many reviews items are shown per page)
  • Enable Rating options - yes, no
  • Enable Rating Required options - yes, no
  • Star Template options - default, 1-16 (icons of stars to select rating when adding review)
  • Stars Templates (graphic demonstration of icons stars)
  • Edit Ratings Stars Color (html color icons of stars for reviews list)
  • Edit Ratings Stars Border Color (html color border of icons stars for reviews list)
  • Enable Translation options - yes, no (replace the standard translation into specify in module settings values)
  • Edit translation of module
Module Front End:
  • Module block header
  • Horizontal, vertical or slideshow layout
  • Display testimonials anywhere on your site
Module Back End:
  • Edit Module Name
  • Layout options - Vertical, Horizontal, Slideshow (method of placement of reviews in the module block)
  • Order options - Last, Random, Selected Last, Selected Random (ordering method and the type of display reviews)
  • Edit Reviews (field to select the reviews to display)
  • Edit Reviews Limit (maximum number of reviews to display in the module)
  • Edit Review Text Limit (maximum number of characters in the text reviews to display)
  • Enable Show All Button options - enable, disabled (show link to go to all testimonials page)
  • Status options - enable, disabled (module status)
  • Edit Reviews On Slide (number of reviews on one slide)
  • Enable Slideshow Navigation options - enable, disabled
  • Enable Slideshow Pagination options - enable, disabled
  • Slideshow Speed options - Very Slow, Slower, Slow, Medium, Fast, Faster, Very Fast
  • Edit Module Title
  • Edit Show All Text (text of link to go to the all testimonials page)
For use reCaptcha in versions,
  • install extension "admin_recaptcha_settings.ocmod.xml" located in the archive(;
  • go to the "Extensions / Modifications" menu and click "Refresh" button;
  • go to the "System / Store Settings / Server / Google reCAPTCHA" menu and set Site key and Secret key.
Opencart Version
Opencart 1.0 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,,

Varsion 1.3.2 (14.07.16)

- Fixed bug with modified names openсart versions (for example

Varsion 1.2.1 (25.03.16)

- Fixed a bug with the languages in opencart version

Varsion 1.3 (10.03.16)
- Compatibility with opencart
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