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    16 May 2015
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    18 Sep 2016
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Store Reviews Medium is a extension for opencart to add testimonials to your online shop.

Attention! for this module will not be developed version is compatible with opencart version above

For all who have purchased the module to 9/18/16 will be given a personal account on this site with the ability to download an improved testimonials module with support opencart above

To gain access please send email of the buyer and order number to

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation (ocmod);
  • Does not overwrite any master files;
  • Additional options for customization;
  • Separate page with testimonials list and a form to add new reviews;
  • Module to display the testimonials anywhere on your site;
  • Easy upgrade from Lite version with preservation reviews.

This extension works only with standard theme or themes that are based on the standard theme, customization for other themes will cost 10$.

Front End:
  • Multi language supported.
  • Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / reviews on an individual page with seo setting, title and description.
  • Customers can submit a feedback. (Allow Reviews Enabled).
  • Guest can submit a feedback. (Allow Guest Reviews Enabled).
  • If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display (Auto Approve Disabled).
  • Secured form by Captcha. (Re-Captcha Enabled).
  • Horizontal, vertical or slid testimonials presentation can be placed in any module position.
  • Rating as asterisks (Rating Enable).
  • Date Added (Date Added Enable).
  • All testimonials page without ajax pagination (Default items per page is set).
Back End:
  • Ability to add/edit(edit date added too)/delete the testimonials.
  • Ability to enable/disabled add new reviews, add new guest reviews, auto approve reviews, rating auto approve reviews, new review alert mail, date added, rating, captcha.
  • Ability to  set default items per page.
  • Ability to  set seo setting (meta tags title, description and keywords), title and description in all testimonials page.
  • Module setting layout type (vertical, horizontal, slideshow), order type (last, random, selected reviews last, selected reviews random), choose to display reviews (autocomplete), limit display reviews, text limit display reviews, enable/disabled module status and show all button.

For use reCaptcha in versions,
  • install extension "admin_recaptcha_settings.ocmod.xml" located in the archive(;
  • go to the "Extensions / Modifications" menu and click "Refresh" button;
  • go to the "System / Store Settings / Server / Google reCAPTCHA" menu and set Site key and Secret key.
Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,
Varsion 1.2.1 (25.03.16)
- Fixed a bug with the languages in opencart version

Varsion 1.2 (09.03.16)
- Fixed bug with rating required
- Compatibility with opencart
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