Support Policy

    VanStudio only provides product related support via our Support Request Form and E-Mail. We do not provide any support via Facebook, Skype or Other Medias. We do not offer phone support. For any VanStudio account issues, or if you have trouble purchasing please contact us via Support Request.

    We provide support if:

  • You are going to purchase VanStudio product (in some cases).
  • You are the purchaser of VanStudio product.
  • The issue is a bug in our code.
  • The issue results from a bug in our code.
  • You can provide FTP and admin access if it's necessary.
  • You are not rude and abusive.

    In most cases, we will respond to Support Requests within 48 hours in business days. This time may depend on our workload, holidays and other factors. 

    It is our commitment to fix all product bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. We usually fix bugs within a few days.

    Sometimes we may request that you provide your website URL, temporary admin panel or FTP access so that we can check and resolve the problem of your site, if the problem involves one of our products. You will provide this information to us via our E-Mail or Support Form. We will use the best of our knowledge and expertise to resolve the problem. But you must understand that we will not responsible for any loss of data, alteration of any design, or anything related to the site after the service has been provided.

    We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered support and customization. So whilst we will try to help you with any type of query (support or customization), we can’t provide extensive help in terms of customization. Technical support will thus take priority over customization support.

    We only cover support for our products, and can’t give general OpenCart support that isn’t related to our products. For general OpenCart support you will have to use this page.