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    15 Sep 2015
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    25 Jul 2016
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Testimonials Mod is an extension for open—Āart allow you to add and publish customer testimonials anywhere on your site.

Main advantages:

  • Multi-Store & Multilingual
  • Easy installation and use (ocmod/vqmod)
  • Does not overwrite any master files
  • Display chosen reviews anywhere in the site using modules
  • Vertical, horizontal and slideshow view
  • Supports multiple themes

Extension does not include a separate page with a list of testimonials and form to add new reviews via the front-end of site, these features are included to the another extension Testimonials

Module Front End:
  • Module block header
  • Horizontal, vertical or slideshow layout
  • Display testimonials anywhere on your site
Module Back End:
  • Adding, editing and deleting list of testimonials
  • Edit Module Name
  • Layout options - vertical, horizontal, slideshow (method of placement of reviews in the module block)
  • Order options - last, random, selected last, selected random (ordering method and the type of display reviews)
  • Edit Reviews (field to select the reviews to display)
  • Edit Reviews Limit (maximum number of reviews to display in the module)
  • Edit Review Text Limit (maximum number of characters in the text reviews to display)
  • Content Align options - left, center, right
  • Enable Image options - disabled, top, left (status and image position in a reviews)
  • Edit Image Size (width and height of the image in a reviews)
  • MultiLanguage options - enable, disabled
  • MultiStore options - enable, disabled
  • Status options - enable, disabled (module status)
  • Edit Reviews On Slide (number of reviews on one slide)
  • Enable Slideshow Navigation options - enable, disabled
  • Enable Slideshow Pagination options - enable, disabled
  • Slideshow Speed options - very slow, slower, slow, medium, fast, faster, very fast
  • Edit Module Title
Varsion 1.2.1 (25.03.16)
- Fixed a bug with the languages in opencart version

Varsion 1.2 (13.03.16)
- Compatibility with opencart
Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,

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