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Testimonials it is an extension for opencart, whose name speaks for itself, it gives possibility to place on your site customer reviews about your shop, company or online-store. Testimonials presence adds credibility and trustworthiness to the business and helps to turn visitors into customers. A number of available features makes this module a powerful, highly customizable and easy to use and manage opencart component.

Main advantages:

- Multi-Store & Multilingual

- Easy installation (ocmod/vqmod)

- Do not overwrite any master files

- Language Settings

- Testimonials page with SEO settings

- Display chosen reviews anywhere in the site using modules

- Works with all popular themes

- Wide list of features

Testimonials Page Front End:

  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • 7 templates to show testimonials list
  • Rating, date added and avatar
  • Pop-up or static form to write a review
  • Seo url
  • Title, Description and Meta Tags
  • Limit and sort dropdown list
  • Icon of a registered user reviews
  • Average rating of all reviews

Testimonials Module Front End:

  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • Rating, date added and avatar
  • Display testimonials anywhere on your site
  • Horizontal, vertical or slideshow layout
  • Module title and Show All button
  • Icon of a registered user reviews

Testimonials Page Back End:

  • Allow add reviews (all, after login, after purchase, disable)
  • Auto Approve Reviews (disable, if rating 1, if rating 2, if rating 3, if rating 4, if rating 5, all)
  • Multistore & Multilingual (enable/disabled)
  • Email notification (enable/disabled)
  • Limit and Sort dropdown list (enable/disabled)
  • Pop-up form to write a review (enable/disabled)
  • Email field and required (enable/disabled)
  • Google reCAPTCHA (enable/disabled)
  • Date Added (show/hide)
  • Format of date added
  • Icons of the registered user reviews (show/hide)
  • Color icons of the registered user reviews
  • Default Items Per Page
  • Rating field and required (enable/disabled)
  • Rating stars view(16 options)
  • Rating stars and border stars color
  • Avatar image field and required (enable/disabled)
  • Avatar image Size and default image
  • Editor testimonials page layout (position and sort description, average rating, add testimonial button)
  • Language Settings (ability to change translation for each language, English and Russian translation included)
  • Testimonials list with the ability to add, edit and delete testimonials

Testimonials Module Back End:

  • Horizontal, vertical and slideshow layout
  • Selection of testimonials to display
  • Display order (last all, random all, last selected, random selected)
  • Number of testimonials to display
  • Review Text Limit
  • Content Align (left, center, right)
  • Avatar image (enable/disabled)
  • Avatar image Size
  • Show All Button (enable/disabled)
  • Multistore & Multilingual (enable/disabled)
  • Number of reviews On Slide
  • Slideshow navigation and pagination (enable/disabled)
  • Slideshow Speed (very slow, slower, slow, medium, fast, faster, very fast)
  • Module Title and Show All button text

Opencart Version
Opencart 2.0,,,,,,, ,, ,
Varsion 1.3 (29.03.16)
- Compatibility with opencart
- Ability to import reviews from module series Store Reviews (litemediumfull)
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